We’re Action for Children and we’ve created the Big Welcome to give your welcoming story a voice.

  • Imagine the welcome foster children under your care would have if they knew more about you and the home they’re going to live in before moving in? That first day would be so much better.
  • Imagine if everyone involved in the fostering process is able to tell your story in the way that you want to be understood, throughout your fostering journey?
Illustration of Big Welcome on iPhone

What is the Big Welcome

The Big Welcome is your very own foster carer profile. It’s a place where your voice can be heard by every person involved in the fostering process. Your profile allows you to:

  • Show why you want to be a foster carer
  • Tell your story before, during, and after a foster child is placed with you
  • Provide a better welcome to a child who is moving in with you

Every part of a Big Welcome profile is designed to help a young person to learn more about their new home and family.

Illustration of Big Welcome on iPad

An idea designed with children and foster carers

The platform allows foster carers to easily create their profile, so viewers can get a true understanding of who they are. They can upload photos of their home, their families and their daily routines as well as relating unique fun facts.

We’re not only helping carers to provide their best welcome - we’re also asking everyone who views their profiles to ask questions and give feedback.

This means that young people, carers and social workers are all involved in giving a foster child or young person the best welcome possible.

How do I use the Big Welcome?

We’d love for you to get involved. To find out more please contact:

[email protected]

Whether you are a carer, a social worker, a local authority or a fostering agency, we will help you to take the next steps with Big Welcome