Big Welcome is an online foster carer profile to help welcome a child into a new home.

Children can find out about where they'll live and who will care for them, before they move in - helping them to prepare for a big change in their lives.

Illustration of Big Welcome on iPhone

Designed with children and foster carers

We know young people don't always get information about their foster carers before a move.

Big Welcome was designed, with children and foster carers, to help a young person learn about their new home and family.

Foster carers can create their own profile and include information like:

  • Why they want to be a foster carer
  • Facts about who they are and their hobbies
  • Photos of their home and family life

The profile can be viewed on mobile or laptop. It makes it easy to share information with young people who may feel nervous about where they are going.

How it works

  1. A fostering service or agency signs up to Big Welcome.
  2. They invite their foster carers to create a profile.
  3. The profile is shared with the young person through their social worker before a move.
  4. The young person finds out about the home and the people they’re going to live with.
  5. You can update your profile at any time

Do you want to use Big Welcome in your service? We'd love to chat!

To learn about what we can offer, please contact: [email protected]